Miniature Surfboards

Custom made by Martin Geary

About Martin Geary

Martin Geary was born in Watford, England in 1946. However, by 1966,at the age of 20 years, he'd found his way to living a beach-life at Newquay in Cornwall, guided solely by his discovery of surfing.

His pursual of a surfers life had him initially surviving a summer season as a lifeguard on Tolcarne beach, before directing his working life into a rented garage to build his own Martin Richards Surfboards. This funded his life riding waves and put him at the social heart of the community of surfboard riders which was starting to grow rapidly at this time.

By the time Gearbox, as he was affectionately known, over-wintered in Morocco, riding surf kissed by the warm Saharan wind, in 1969 his philosophy on life and surfboards was changing. He changed his manufacturing name to Outer Limits as he now explored the development of a new generation of shortboard designs, often carrying sprayed-on artwork by artist Fuz Bleakley. This was a time of innovation in surfboard building, which lead Martin in his quest for good waves and a deeper involvement with the frontline of surfboard manufacture to Australia.
Throughout the first half of the Seventies Martin resided Downunder shaping, glassing and sanding for a handful of Australia's top surfboard builders, including the 1964 World champion, Midget Farrely.

By the latter part of this decade Martin was back in Cornwall and building boards for Piran Surfboards briefly before teaming up with the rising Ocean Magic surfboards, who were happy to employ his wealth of imported board building knowledge. Another bout in Australia preceded his involvement once again in British surfboard building, this time for Boardwalk, Tunnel Vision and in partnership with one of Europe's longest serving shapers Chris Jones in the Newquay Surfboard Company.

By now he had been an artisan of surfboards for more than twenty years. So much did he live and breath his creative work that it was now that he experimented with a part-time hobby of building scaled surfboard replicas for artistic amusement. In the Nineties, Martin traded under the chosen name of Malibu Pirate as he concentrated on refined longer board designs, in the now contemporary categories of Mini-Mals, Malibus and performance longboards. Finally, he was working as production shaper for Murray Stewart at Seabase in the mid-90s when his health broke with the fairly sudden onset of osteo-athritis. It affected his lifestyle in drastic ways, not least for the fact that he had to give up surfing after a lifelong commitment since his twenties.

It has been during this period of enforced early retirement that Martin has sought to re-engage in his former life in a meaningful way, through building the only sort of surfboards he can work with now - miniatures. With the same hands that have felt thousands of rails, finger-tip stroked an equal number of bottom contours; with eyes that have checked as many rocker-lines and aligned a greater number of fins, Martin now applies the same skill with even greater precision to each individual miniature surfboard that leaves his artisan's workshop.

Gearbox is still in the business of making surfboards!

Martin Geary (2007) - " Surfboard making was my life. Surfboards are such beautiful things with so many wonderful curves. I loved it - every aspect of the craft. It was really an artform sculpting those shapes and particularly applying artwork to finish the boards. Now, I can personally find the same pleasure from building my fine-crafted miniatures."

Replica Surfboard Miniatures
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